The Work

From a place of  true rest, problem solving , repair, and healing can flow.  In rest your body, soul, spirit, and purpose can partner in new ways.  In rest subconscious resistance can  be heard and processed  and old agreements can be dissolved. You can discover more of your true self.  Your body, soul, spirit, and purpose can partner in new ways. 

You are made to self-right and joyfully move forward in wellness, purpose, and joy.  I see my role as gardener's helper clearing rocks and weeds making way for life. No insult to rocks and weeds intended.  Rocks can protect and a field of weeds tells us the land can sustain life! They both alert us to places and spaces within that need some loving attention.   Although I still incorporate my nutrition training into my sessions where relevant,  most of my work today is in the area of energy balancing.  I have combined aspects of my training in Reiki, EFT, RTE ( releasing toxic emotions with essential oils) tuning forks, and pendulum work and intention with my background in biblical studies, mysticism, listening prayer, physical intercession, and my forever fascination with divine design to form what I call Arukah Bioenergetics. I work primarily through the 7 energy centers in parnership with Jesus as Master Gardener.

What does that all mean?  Energy goes where it is needed to remove and clear, calm and restore. We set our intention to partner with its flow.  A headache is a good example.  It can have a myriad of sources.  A headache can be a respnse to an environmental source like perfume or bad food.  A headache can arise from emotional stress and be part of a host of accompanying physical symptoms like tight muscles and poor sleep.   The headache is pointing to an imbalance.   All those causes would benefit from some clearing energy work.  Our body, soul, and spirit are interacting parts.  Each affects the other.  They are poorly defined out of context of each other.  All hold memory memory, emotion, and intelligence.  Energy work seeps into those connecting places, to clear, settle, and unite.  When the relationship between these three is restored we can stand down, relax, and find our way forward more easily. 

Part of my calling is to uncover and restore the mysteries of divine design. Your body's divine design is amazing.  It  is a story teller. Working together with the 7 main spiritual eco-systems of the body, we can hear, honor, and respond to that story.  Along with the chakra template I can also apply (as appropriate to my client and always with permission) biblical patterns of the 7 energy centers, especially for clients with a Christian background looking for a safe place to explore body-mind work. To learn more about this approach go to the Temple Journeys listing. 

Another approach to the energy centers is through Timeline Clearing.  These are 2 hour sessions and more than one may be required, depending on your age.   Chosing an energy center, we work from birth to present clearing residual or stuck energy in your biofield.  It is a bit like combing out the knots in hair. This session is available in person or online. 

Go HERE to read about what to expect from an Arukah session. 

I'm happy to offer a 15  minute free consultation to  chat about the work  with perspective clients