"Pauline is a highly skilled energy work practitioner.  She is knowledgeable, compassionate and intuitive. I have been amazed at her capacity to shift me into a place of peace so quickly when I am having issues.  She brings light to everyone and I feel so fortunate to have her expertise available to me.  I appreciate that appointments are so convenient over the phone and just as effective as in person.  What impacts me the most about Pauline is her deep caring for people and her ability to tune in and be with each one.  Her energy and touch are truly healing and sessions always end with me feeling calmness and clarity. " - D.C.

" I fall asleep on Pauline's table...every time!  As soon as she places her hands under my head I get pulled into a deep relaxed state."  -   Cris J.

"Thank you for  teaching the 'how to' and benefits of EFT. Your enthusiasm, to me, revealed that EFT is a gem to grab hold of. Dealing with some of the participant's emotional issues during the class helped me to see the flexibility; as well as how quickly the body will respond - even assist in pointing out what needs to be released. 

I tried EFT the very next day on a friend you had been on a healing journey with some success; but often not lasting. With the tapping session we discovered a 'core truth' she did not realize before....the truth that she did not 'love and accept herself' and that was the reason she was constantly seeking validation and love from others (aka people pleaser). 

This class is a 'must have' for anyone seeking to walk in emotional freedom. "- Katia R.