Remote Services

These are the great services I am offering during Covid. 

15 min  energy balance phone session.  $30

The goal here is a quick look at your 7 main centers and to make way for better energy flow.   Good choice if we have already been working together, would like a "trial size" experience, or have that off feeling and are looking for a little nudge.   I may use a pendulum to quickly tune in if you are in agreement. 

30 min Arukah energy session  $50

In 30 minutes we can scan your 7 centers first to access flow and then have some time for focus on a specific area.  May involve some intuitive and prayer work around body/soul/spirit if desired or simply more time to soak in the good vibes. Via phone or Zoom.

50 min Arukah energy session   $90

Best session for better stress relief. More time given to each of your 7 centers to soak and allow you to enter a more restful and balanced restorative state.  More time to address recurring or resistant areas.  More time to draw in other modalities that may serve like EFT, sound,  listening prayer , or emotional work as you are comfortable.  Via phone or Zoom.

50 min. EFT tutorial via Zoom   $90

A quick  1 on 1 EFT tutorial.  Can also serve as a refresher.  Not intended for session work as Zoom can be unstable and I do not want to risk disconnection during more intense work.