Triggered or Invited? Why do I keep thinking about this?

Updated: Mar 20

In the midst of Covid where are your thoughts going? Do you find yourself saying ," Why am I thinking so much about that?" " Why can't I get over feeling ____________?" Perhaps something is waiting for your loving attention to process and heal.

I keep thinking of my Mom who died in August. It's the grief in the Covid air. It is inviting me to process and heal. I'm too tired to stuff it all back down. I've been trying to busy my way out of it but apparently it is time. I feel sick to my stomach but I see the gift. I do. So, deep breath, in this Covid season I am going to unpack THAT suitcase full of her things, accept the time given and grieve my Mom.

Many are feeling emotions that carry with them an invitation to heal something from the past. Your body and mind are letting you know what is heavy on your subconscious. It is telling you how to lighten the load in this difficult season. It is an invitation to restore.

With all that emotion sitting right on the surface, now is a good time to tap. EFT, Emotional Freedom Techniques, is a self-help tool that helps you process emotions and events. You focus on a specific emotion as you tap on accupressure points around the upper body. Simple. Effective. Easy to learn. There are hundreds of tutorials and tap-alongs online. Many are themed. For example, I could look up " EFT for grief." The EFT Universe, The EFT Tapping Training Institute, The Tapping Solution as well as many EFT certified practitioners are offering Covid-19 tap-along videos right now. For my faith -based friends who aren't sure about this stuff, I recommend EFT for Christians.

Tap, talk to a friend, pray. If you feel the need for a professional of some sort there are a lot of resources online and over the phone. Physical isolation does not equal emotional isolation.

If you feel overwhelmed as you process simple grounding in the present can help. Breathe. Notice your breath. Look around you. Notice the colors, textures, sounds. Even simply tapping on your breastbone cab help calm you.

And remember, my precious friends, Jesus is always there, and has always been there right beside you. You were never alone. You are never alone.

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