The Divine Templates Within - The 7 Days of Creation

Updated: Apr 17

The story of creation is held within your 7 main energy centers.

Day 1- LIGHT. You are light energy fashioned from the breathe, intention and the love of trinitarian union. You are connected to all as an eternal host of the divine spark. At your Base Center you remember this.

Day 2- THE SEPARATION OF THE WATERS. Water reflects. You are a reflection of God, made in the image of God.Water is life. You are given life and made to give life. The rivers of life are here; passion, feeling, sexuality, creativity, reproduction, honor, partnership, and even work sit here at Sacral Center. Water cleanses and makes way for new life. All these living waters are here at the Sacral Center.

Day 3- LAND & PLANTS. Growth, movement, expansion, maturity, and transformation. Your internal promised land is here. Your purpose and personal power radiate from Solar Plexus center like the sun.

Day 4- THE SUN, MOON & STARS sit at Heart Center. Just as we navigate location, season, and story by the stars, so we navigate our lives from the heart. It guides and directs us. It is our vast designed to be ever -expanding- in- love universe within.

Day 5- FISH & BIRDS. A fish is made to swim, a bird to fly. You are made to soar in the true expression of yourself. At throat center you carry the essential energy of the delight of self-expression. Your true voice, like unique birdsong, is here.

Day 6- HUMANS & LAND ANIMALS- Why do humans and animals share this day? Perhaps because we are earthbound, we share the land. We fill it together. Here at Brow Center humans are given distinct brains meant to learn wisdom and authority through stewardship and governance. Our attention and intention create and destroy.

Day 7- REST. A state of shalom, of order over chaos, harmony, mercy, and mystical union.

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