The Benefit of Routine in Times of Crisis

Updated: Mar 20

While a change in routine can be refreshing, an obliteration of routine can take a heavy toll. Our bodies thrive on routine, especially those stressed out adrenals. Routine is normalizing, grounding, calming. Adding some simple structure and regularity to your daily routine will help calm those adrenals and brain cells as we move through this time of chaos.

It may have been fun spending a week in your pajamas, but if it is starting to feel depressing then consider getting dressed in clothes you would actually leave the house in. Better still, consider being dressed by a certain time each day. Setting a time for showers, meals, and exercise will let your entire being know that something is predictable in these unpredictable days. Exerting a bit of control in the midst of constant change will soothe the body soul and spirit.

Up for a bit more? Then consider treating yourself to that new habit or skill you've been wanting to try. Maybe adding a mindfulness practice, a morning walk, morning prayer, a new language, the guitar. A new activity will give your brain something positive to focus on. Start small, usually smaller than you think. Whatever time came to mind, cut it in half. Make it easy. One yoga pose or one minute of jumping jacks as opposed to a one hour work-out routine. One word in Spanish. I've decided to learn the ancient Hebrew alphabet one letter a day. Even the simplest measurable step will offer some satisfying feelings of accomplishment and lift your mood.


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