Oatmeal during Covid. Let me count the whys.

Updated: Mar 20

During the pandemic I start every morning with oatmeal. Here's why;

1. Oatmeal is comforting, grounding, and helps satisfy those fight or flight carb cravings in a healthy way.

2. Oatmeal is easy. We need simple right now. You can make a batch and store in single servings in jars in the fridge. Leave head space for toppings. If you prefer cold go for overnight oats (oats, some sort of milk, add-ins, simply mixed in a jar in the fridge overnight. Search up some recipes) In a pinch there are some decent instant oatmeals available now. Avoid the sugar loaded varieties.

3. Oats are full of stress fighting, adrenal supporting, anti-oxidizing nutrients like magnesium, zinc, thiamin(B1) and pantothenic acid (B5).

4. Oats help stabilize blood sugar. Blood sugar is effected by stress and imbalances can devastate our mood, sleep and hormone function.

5. Fiber! Stress messes with the digestive tract. Fiber help regulate and detoxify.

6. Oats are naturally gluten free, but as they are often processed in plants that process gluten grains make sure the label says gluten free.

5. You can put just about anything on oatmeal tailoring it to your needs. Here are some suggestions;

For additional immune support try adding berries, especially blueberries. All berries are rich in virus fighting vitamin C but blueberries top the list against Covid. I add wild organic blueberries known for anti-oxidants, vitamin C, E, and K all of which support lung health. I buy frozen. They are small and thaw quickly. Low calorie but sweet and those adrenals are craving sweet right now.

Almonds are proven immune supporters. Almond butter is a great overnight oats add-in.

Pumpkin seeds have tryptophan, a mood balancer proven to fight depression. They are also full of zinc, important to respiratory tissue health and fiber for the digestive tract.

All nuts or seeds add protein and good fats. Choose raw, unsalted. Most support brain health and many, especially seeds, support hormone balance.

Add plain cinnamon to increase blood sugar balancing effects.

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