Juicing! Super powered nutrition.

Updated: Mar 20

What better time to juice? You are home. You need the greens for your immune system, respiratory system, neurological system well......all the systems! Juicing delivers dense nutrition that is easy to absorb when Covid-19 stress has our digestive systems a little timid.

A few pointers: Don't try to juice things like avocados and bananas. Limit ingredients to 5 or you risk making brown sludge. Heavy on vegetables and lighter on fruits. Add lemon juice. Experiment! Store in sealed glass or stainless steel container for 2 days. As you want to limit grocery store visits right now buy a lot of supplies at once or consider delivery.

Basic Green Juice Recipe;

About 2 cups/ 8 stalks dark leafy greens like kale, swiss chard, spinach.

2 organic green apples

2-4 stalks celery ( cut into 1" chunks to spare your juicer)

1 large cucumber

1" piece fresh ginger

Juice of half a lemon ( either added to finished juice or peel lemon first)

Apple Carrot Juice- nice for a sweeter hit and may curb that stress drive for a bag of cookies.

2 apples

4 carrots

1 cucmber (optional)

2 stalkes celery (optional)

fresh lemon juice

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