Get Grounded When Everything Is Shifting

Updated: Mar 20

Feeling safe in your body. Feeling safe in the world. Feeling anchored. These are foundational to health and wellness. In these unstable pandemic days most of us are feeling floaty, vulnerable and scared. When that base grounding energy connection is off, out entire being can feel off. Here are a few simple suggestions that may help you ground. Grounding helps us feel safe, present, and is an immune booster. For today let's focus on your beautiful feet!

1. Go to ground. Literally. Any time in nature resets and anchors. Get your shoes off and stand on the green grass, warm soil, radiating stones. Garden.

2. Notice how you are standing these days. Are those toes lifting up off the ground? Do you stand on tip-toe? Do you tend to balance on one leg?

Plant both legs. Lovingly hold your feet down if need be. Imagine magnets on the bottom of your feet. Breathe in your surroundings.

3. Walk in awareness. With each left (or right) step say " With each step..." with the right (or left) step complete with " I am here." Anchors in time and space.

4. Breathe down into your feet. Just try it. You'll see.

6. In times of stress our energy system can get flipped. Try running a stainless steel spoon over the bottoms of your feet for a minute or two. Cover all surface area.

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