Days of Awe, the Throat Chakra, and Voice

Updated: Mar 20

I align the seven Jewish feasts with the chakras. Whether you follow the feast schedule traditionally, through the lens of Messiah Jesus, or inspirationally; healing and new possibilities for individuals and communities are in the air this time of year. Rosh Hashanah, heralded with soul awakening shofar blasts is connected to the throat chakra. It is a center for voice, identity expressed, surrender, submission, truth, worship. By Jewish tradition it is the day when the people crown God​ as king. He is enthroned on their praises ​for a new year. Coronation needs community. Community needs relationship. Relationship needs identity.

Rosh Hashanah also begins the Ten Days of Awe, Sept 30-Oct. 9 this year. From one angle they are about moving forward clean and clear deeper into our identity and ​calling​, towards our own coronation so we can co-create in submission and partnership with ​each other and ​the God of the universe. On the Jewish calendar the month preceding the coronation was one of the king walking in the fields, accessible, getting to know the people. At close range we see our reflection in his loving eyes and find our true identity. That beautiful glimmer calls out deep to deep and empowers life. The more we recognize the divine within and without the more we ​can connect to ourselves and others. Then we want to move toward healthy intimacy and unity.

The Days of Awe focus on preserving and growing that intimacy and unity through forgiveness, amends, and reconciliation. Is there anyone you can't look in the eye with love? What about your own reflection? What about in time? Back to the throat governed by heart. Use your voice. What or who do you want to forgive and release? What limiting beliefs and memories have been in the blind spot of your subconscious blocking full vision? What new thing or new relationship is waiting to grow from that higher understanding of yourself? Listen to your body, your heart, that still quiet voice. Where is release, forgiveness, or courage needed?

There are 2 words for “awe” in hebrew. One is pachad, along the lines of the fear we associate with the fight or flight response. The other is yirah, which carries a sense of exhilaration. Fear of rejection, abandonment, embarrassment, hurt, humiliation, all fall under pachad and often stop us from the vulnerable work of restoring relationships with God, ourselves, others and even creation. But pachad also serves us. It's emotional tag marks those places ready to be exposed and healed. Push into those fears, listen to their stories so you resolve, rewrite, and release. Tap, meditate, pray, go for a walk. Be brave. Anything that shifts the fear response makes way for the exhilaration, the yirah of being you, of finding and releasing your true voice and making the world a better place, of bringing kingdom to earth.

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