Counting the Omer through the chakras with the Temple Journeys Meditation Card Deck

Updated: Apr 19

There is a 49 day journey of preparation and anticipation for the amazing next embedded into God's calendar every year. It is like an oasis pause of gratitude for the growth of where we have been and a time of preparation and anticipation for the next leg of our journey.

These 7 weeks between Passover/Easter and Pentecost are called Counting the Omer. Passover and Easter are essentially about being freed from what constrains us, leaving behind what does not serve. Pentecost is about the power to continue anew on the journey of our true becoming. The omer count inbetween can serve to increase our capacity to hold and move in that power. The period can be observed by systematically moving through our 7 main energy centers, one week at a time, in a season of gratitude, healing, sanctification, and growth. My Temple Journey Card Deck was designed to serve during this wellness journey. Beginning April 16 I'll be posting 49 1-minute meditations on my YouTube channel and on Instagram (the_redefinery) based on the card deck.

For this years count I'll be posting 49 1-minute meditations on my YouTube channel and on Instagram (the_redefinery) based on my card deck.

Seven is a number of wholeness, wellness, alignment, divine order and rest in The Bible. The first sentence of the bible has 7 words. God rested on the 7th day of creation. After 7 cycles of 7 years came an entire year of jubilee. The 7th feast of Israel is the Feast of Tabernacles precursored by The Transfiguration and representing the restoration of all things. The omer count begins on the second day of Passover on the Feast of Firstfruits (April 16th this year) and ends with Pentecost on the 50th day when the giving of the Torah at Sinai is celebrated. Followers of Jesus may recognize this as the 49 day period between the resurrection at Easter and the arrival of the Holy Spirit on the second Pentecost. Pente means 50. While Israel was commanded to count in Leviticus 23:15-16 there is no need to be of either faith to join in. It universally aligns with the harvest season making it available to all as we move toward our own flourishing fruitful completeness.

"Counting the Omer is a form of tending your internal garden in anticipation of the next revelation of you waiting to burst into full juicy ripeness."

Pentecost is about walking in your personal power empowered by God. The Torah in the Old Testament and the Holy Spirit in the New Testament were both given at Pentecost to empower, guide and counsel the hearts of humankind in reconciliation, healing, and sanctification to make way for the promised fullness of love, joy, and union. With the Torah, Israel was given the power to leave behind the slave identity and start walking in their true one. At Pentecost the Holy Spirit came as personal guide to do the same. In our heart centers where all things connect lies an image of our glorious selves and our glorious creation planted by the love of God. Counting the Omer is an annual season dedicated to revealing, sharpening, and manifesting that image. Both Pentecost events arrived with the powers of sound and fire, transformational elements. Fire cleanses, reveals, and purifies. Sound can serve to shake, loosen, release and entrain us to new frequencies.

What is an omer? Omer means sheaf. The 7 feasts of Israel are embedded into the agricultural calendar making them universal. We are reminded that our journey and the creation's journey are one. In ancient Israel a sheaf of barley was offered in ceremonial thanks to God at the beginning of the harvest season with the Feast of Firstfruits in the Spring. Pentecost, also called the Feast of Weeks or Shavuot, is the Summer festival 7 weeks later that aligns with the wheat harvest, the more valued grain. The 49 days inbetween are the omer count, a countdown in gratitude for the first harvest and in anticipation of the next. Barley and wheat can be symbols of the already and the not yet of our higher purpose.

A gardener knows the joy of checking their garden daily to witness every new green shoot. They are joyfully vigilant to guard, protect, and clear a way for that new life knowing a bountiful harvest is coming. They can see it in their mind's eye setting their intention and willing those plants to grow, partnering with God's design. They know what it is like to hold their breath in hope and anticipation of that harvest and when it comes they approach the harvest table with joy and celebration. We move from harvest to harvest, from freedom to freedom, from glory to glory. Counting the Omer is a form of tending your internal garden in anticipation of the next revelation of you waiting to burst into full juicy ripeness. By engaging in the count collectively, we also anticipate the same for all creation. As above, below. As within, without.

My Temple Journey Card Deck can be used to count the omer. It has 49 main cards organized in 7 suits of 7 cards for exactly this reason. Each suit is dedicated to one of the 7 main energy centers. The cards are numbered. Each suit starts with a card listing biblical imagery from the divine temples and templates of 7 that are associated with that center. The second card of each suit lists the main parts of our body associated with that center and encourages us to listen to and bless our physical self. The rest of the cards in each suit offer statements around a central theme to choose from for meditation or affirmation, like the one at the top of this article. Using the card one could say "On this __ day of counting the omer I release courage, compassion, and truth into my voice". You could chose to use the entire card or to simplify decide to use just the first, second, third etc... statement from each card.

Easter is considered the highlight of the Christian calendar but it is not the culmination of God's plans for us. Easter is just the beginning. Easter reminds us that the power of new life is always germinating in us leading to more life. Pentecost reminds us that the power to tend, grow, and mature that life is also ours. The 7 weeks of Counting the Omer invites us to prepare for, build our expectation of, and shapes our intention to manifest an abundant life.

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