Thanks Body!

Updated: Mar 20

While many of us practice some form of intentional gratitude, a great few have kind words for their superhero bodies. Let’s change that. I’d like to suggest daily adding 3 things that you are grateful to your body for. Start as simple as you need to; eyes that see and ears that hear. You will find your gratitudes naturally growing in complexity as your awareness unfolds. Your love for your body and ability to hear what it is saying will also grow.

I have a favorite building in Calgary. It is shaped like a giant wave. It is sided with shiny aluminum to recall the effect of water. Set against our bright blue prairie sky it makes this transplanted West Coast girl smile every time. Sometimes I drive out of my way just to say hello. Your physical structure is just as beautiful, even more so. What if every time you saw yourself in the mirror your first response was delight and your first thought was “You are beautifully made”. “ Thank you legs that carry me, arms that let me give and receive, eyes that remind me of my mother's smile.” What if at the end of the day you said “ Thanks body for carrying me through that long day. Thank you brain for all the problems you solved, thank you butt for cushioning my frame for all those hours of sitting and for balancing my steps .”

Maybe you see a dilapidated condemned Victorian in the mirror. For many the sight of our bodies is a source of stress. Balancing that with gratitude delivers a flood of calm twisting up the vagus nerve wandering in and out around the spine and endocrine system to activate peace in every cell of our being. Can you imagine it? When you see bits worn by worry and wear send them love, thank them for their service and ask what they need. What are they telling you? The body’s wisdom is always whispering.

Have you seen what gratitude does to water? Watch this short video from Masaru Emoto's experiments on water. Why not be grateful for the water in your body and the way your body uses it? Imagine all that beauty blooming within you.

If you are experiencing illness or disease, consider thanking your body for fighting so hard for you. Bless all those systems involved. Thank the immune system, the circulation system, lymphatic system, the digestive system, the endocrine system, respiratory system, reproductive system, muscular-skeletal system, neurological system all for serving you. If you can, place your hands on the system as you send gratitude and love to it. Again…listen. Does your body have wisdom to share about your condition? Embracing illness and embracing what illness may have to show us are very different things. Your body is on your side. It is cheering you on. It is communicating with you every day in a myriad of ways. Physical symptoms are an ask for some loving attention. Your soothing internal ( or even external) hug may be eagerly wanted at a physical location. Maybe there is a story, an emotion, waiting there to be heard by friendly ears.

So, thank you to my body. Thank you brain for capturing this idea to write about and holding it until I had a chance to type. Thank you fingers that moved agiley across the keyboard, and thank you neck for reminding me to shift position and give a few muscles a break.

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