SOUPING: a winter option to juicing

Updated: Mar 20

SOUPING: Like juicing but not. Two weeks in, I am sleeping better, down eight pounds, and right on track for a needed sugar reset. Who doesn't love soup?

I was getting a little too comfortable with sugar. By that I mean straight up sugar, not fruit. Lemon squares were my problem, not apples and raspberries. I tried to juice. I love juicing. A few days of juicing here and there renews and restores. Problem was it is winter. Not just winter but Calgary winter, with lots of the white stuff everywhere and well below freezing temperatures. So, I basically failed. I was too cold to juice. I regrouped and I’ve been SOUPING. Success!

I make a new pot of soup every two or three days and eat just that whenever I want. I stick to vegetable soups, especially nice thick blended ones with root vegetables to honor rather than compete with the season like CARROT GINGER or POTATO FENNEL LEEK. No, I’m not attaching recipes. Stop hovering over the soup title for a link. You all know I am the rare-recipe nutritional consultant. Go find your own. It is easy enough and fun. Having said that, you can’t beat Mollie Katzen’s classic Moosewood Cookbook recipe for carrot ginger. It has been ripped-off plenty and she deserves credit. It is full of lovely lemon and ginger to help my liver and I add extra cinnamon to balance the carrot sugars. “What”? You say, “Aren’t carrots just sugar”? No, they are carrots, a healthy food with lots of fiber and nutrients, a great root vegetable for winter and they are orange. Energetically orange works with the sacral chakra associated with community, creativity, and passion. I could use a little boost there.

Otherwise I make WHATEVER ORGANIC PRODUCE LOOKS BEST SOUP. I juice up some carrots and celery and such for a base or open a carton of organic vegetable broth and add a bunch of veges. Zucchini, asparagus, spinach and leeks, are all coming into season and they make a good combo with some seasoning and spices. I went wild and garnished hot sauce and half an avocado. Yum. This has the benefit of also being a tomato free soup, which can be hard to find. Next I am going to try a celery root soup with apples and turmeric. Can’t wait! I am not adding any legumes, animal products, and very few nuts or seeds. Just veges. Sometimes I serve the soup over fresh spinach to include those beneficial leafy greens.

I can soup and still sit with the family for meals. This was kinda pathetic when juicing; them with full plates of food and me not. My husband and daughter have additional added dishes or add a bunch of topping to their soup like nuts, seeds, beans, or goat cheese. I’ll keep this up for 3 weeks then get back to a wider variety of foods. Too cold to juice but feel like an early Spring detox? Try souping.

Of course, proceed at your own risk. It is always recommended to check with your doctor before making any change in diet.

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