Introducing Arukah Energy Balance

Updated: Mar 20

I have united aspects of my energy work training and my understanding of the spiritual eco-systems of the body together with hearing prayer and physical intercession to form Arukah Energy Balance. This is a lightly hands on modality that works with frequency and intention in alignment with God's highest good for you to focus on clearing any blocks in the body, soul, and spirit.

There are as many Arukah experiences as there are people. You relax supported in a zero gravity chair and we both set our hearts to receive for your highest good. You may want a pillow or blanket. I begin each session with my hands under your head and I end each session with my hands holding your feet. In between I work on your energy centers from a distance of a few inches to arms length above your body. My guiding principals are entrainment to shift frequencies, shalom to bring order to chaos, and love. I work only with your permission. Some people see colors, some fall asleep, some have memories, some feel heat or cool, some go on a spiritual journey. Some fall asleep during the session. Some are silent. Some chat. It is common for the body to rumble, grumble, sigh, twitch or tingle as energy flows. I often incorporate essential oils into Arukah sessions. Most folks leave feeling relaxed, grounded, and I hope loved.

Arukah is a Hebrew word that translates as restore, rebuild, health, repair, and recovery. It is used 4 times in the Bible. One of those is Nehemiah 4, a foundation chapter for my work. At this point in the work of rebuilding the wall around Jerusalem the people need to clear the rubble before they can continue. This is often the case in our life.

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