The Holidays Are Here.  Get ready, Get triggered, Tap

Updated: Jun 17, 2019

Unprocessed emotions erupt to the surface during the holidays. We can spend the season trying to avoid them in a pre-programmed blur, praying for patience, hoping for a travel ban, eating and drinking too much, or we can get excited about exposing and clearing old pains and patterns with EFT (tapping).

Being able to walk in new levels of love and possibility for our families and ourselves is literally at our fingertips this season.

If you are unfamiliar with EFT or tapping it is an easy to learn stress processing technique. Taking responsibility for your own wellness, you tap with your fingertips on a few acupressure points around the head and upper body while focusing on a problem/emotion/symptom/memory. The tapping sends a calming signal that allows you to get unstuck and even reprogram your responses and beliefs. Sounds too simple, right? It beautifully is. If you are unfamiliar, here is an intro to EFT video from EFT founder Gary Craig.

Holiday gatherings are an EFT cornucopia. Getting triggered by family can be an opportunity to release the past and unveil new possibilities. Think about your upcoming holiday. If just the thought sends you to an 8 on a scale of 1-10, tap just on the idea of the holiday without going into detail until you feel calm. Ready for more? Think about the coming day or season. What do you feel, see, smell, hear, taste? Tap on each aspect. Whose face or voice makes your jaw clench? Tap. Maybe an old memory surfaces. Tap. Whose behavior are you dreading? Tap. Is it your own? Tap. Are you worried you’ll turn into someone you don't respect?

On the day itself be aware of your reactions and emotions. If they spike go for a walk or spend a few minutes in the bathroom tapping away. You have nothing to loose but some old programming.

Turn the holiday blues around and see the possibilities for freedom.

May this be your best holiday season ever!

Locals can contact me for an appointment if you want an intro lesson or some support as you process what has surfaced.

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