My Story

In this lovely life I have lived in New Zealand, California, France, and now Calgary, Alberta in Canada where I live with my family.  I have worked as an early education teacher, a church worker, a self-employment coach, a health food store manager, a dressmaker, and and now a nutritional consultant and energy worker.  I nourish.  I restore.  I  try to follow the inclusive path of Jesus.  Made in the image of God, every person is imbued with dignity, value and beauty from their very beginnings.  It is a tremendous privilege to be a part of the restoration and growth stories of my clients as we partner in this truth. 

When I made the switch to a whole foods plant-based diet a few years ago, I lost 35 pounds along with my arthritis, asthma,  and constant sniffles.  With the added support of energy work, including EFT (meridian tapping),  I was able to release deeply seated emotional issues and gain control over the self-sabotage and sugar cravings  that had been a source of shame and frustration for decades.  I got my energy back.  My mood balanced.  Fear fell away and life became bigger.  My familiy entered a new level of health and happiness as well.   I knew I wanted to work with others to gain similar freedoms.  

There have been some bumps in the road.  The loss of my parents followed by Covid saw my weight climb again as I struggled to process the grief and stress and reached for the sugar.   Again my body is alerting me to places  ready for for my love and attention to to join in the flow of life. It is frustrating, of course, but better out than in!  I am constantly  amazed at the persistence of our divine design that orients us always to freedom, joy, and fulfillment.