My Story

In this lovely life I have worked as an early education teacher, a church worker, a self-employment coach, a health food store manager, a dressmaker, and and now a nutritional consultant and energy worker.  I nourish.  I restore.  I  try to follow the inclusive path of Jesus.  Made in the image of God, every person is imbued with dignity, value and beauty from their very beginnings.  It is a tremendous privilege to be a part of the restoration and growth stories of my clients as we partner in this truth. 

When I made the switch to a whole foods plant-based diet a few years ago, I lost 35 pounds along with my arthritis, asthma,  and constant sniffles.  With the added support of energy work, including EFT (meridian tapping),  I was able to release deeply seated emotional issues and gain control over the self-sabotage and sugar cravings  that had been a source of shame and frustration for decades.  I got my energy back.  My mood balanced.  Fear fell away and life became bigger.  I knew I wanted to work with others to gain similar freedoms.