I am now a Certified Holistic Nutritional Consultant  through The Canadian School of Natural Nutrition.  I also completed the T. Colin Campbell’s certificate program in Plant-Based Nutrition through eCornell.  I have added certifications  and in the energy psychology tapping technique EFT (Releasing Toxic Emotions) as well as training in  Reiki, the essential oil based RTE (Releasing Toxic Emotions), and Splankna (Christian faith based),  to my skill base because I wanted to work with the body-mind connection more directly and set my clients up for success. 


From these modalities I have generated my own combined practice that I call Arukah.  I have also followed  Jesus for 42 years.  This informs every aspect of my practice, including the Reiki work.  I am trained in listening prayer and various approaches to healing in partnership with  Abba Father, Jesus and Holy Spirit and can place my work in a biblical context.  I am just beginning to work with sound in the form of voice and tuning forks. 

 Sometimes we need help allowing ourselves to get out of our own way. Stress, personal history, emotional blocks, to name a few, can create subconscious resistance to our stated goals. I offer these modalities on their own or in conjunction with nutrition work.