My Training

I am a Certified Holistic Nutritional Consultant  through The Canadian School of Natural Nutrition.  I also completed the T. Colin Campbell’s certificate program in Plant-Based Nutrition through eCornell. 


As I  wanted to work with the body-mind connection more directly and set my clients up for success, I added certifications in  EFT (Releasing Toxic Emotions) , sound therapy with tuning forks, Reiki,  and the essential oil based RTE (Releasing Toxic Emotions),  to my skill base.  From these modalities I have generated my own combined practice,  Arukah Bioenergetics.  The balance of my work is now in this area. 


I have followed  Jesus for 44 years.  This informs every aspect of my practice, including the Reiki work.  I am trained in listening prayer and various approaches to healing in partnership with  Abba Father, Jesus and Holy Spirit and can place my work in a biblical context.  


Stress, personal history,  and emotional blocks, can create subconscious resistance to knowing and pursueing our passions and purpose.  I offer these modalities  to help clear the path.