Holistic Nutrition

Full Nutritional Assessment

I offer a 3 stage  body/mind symptoms based health assessment to support your goals for nourishing change. $475

First appointment. Prior to our first meeting I will send you several detailed questionnaires focused on your health, story, and goals. During our first one on one session I will get to know you as we walk through the forms together and fill in any blanks.  At this time I may offer a few suggestions to get you started

Second appointment.  I will have a detailed personal assessment for you and offer a unique plan with diet, supplement and lifestyle suggestions. Usually a week after our initial consultation.


Third Appointment. This is a follow up appointment for any adjustments  needed to support your success.  Best anywhere from 3 weeks to 2 months later.

Single Appointment

If you are looking to discuss a single area of concern or for follow -up appointments.  1hr. $85

Going Plant Based

But...what would I eat?  I love helping people switch to a plant strong diet whether they are switching as an individual or a family.  Together  we can make a plan that best suits your dietary needs and lifestyle.  It's easier than you may think. 2 hr. $160

Juicing Basics

Juicing started my family on its path to better health and I'm a big believer. Come for a 2 hour one on one lesson and not only will you learn the ins and outs of juicing but I'll tailor 3 juice recipes to your needs.  $160

Grocery Store Support

Reading labels and making choices between good, better, and best, can be overwhelming when you make a dietary change. Bring me along as you shop at your grocery store and we'll get you off to a strong start.  2 hr/$150.