Temple Journey Session

A guided restorative journey through one of the biblcal temples within you. Choose from the 7 Days of Creation*, The Tabernacle, or The 7 Spirits of God.   For this session I layer on my seer hat as we partner with Jesus and whoever he may bring along


A temple is a place where God dwells.  You are a temple, the earth is a temple, the Tabernacle was a temple. The 7 Spirits are gatekeepers of the temple. Jesus called himself a temple.  As a temple you carry the pattern, the echo , the inheritance, the ports, for each of these divine layers.  All these temples reveal us to us. Engaging them can offer the healing, alignment, and simple awe that generates shift.  We will decide together which temple to visit.


What we call the chakras are just one understanding of the 7 energy centers.  I use the term "chakra" because it is the most commonly recognized.  The term I truly love is "spiritual eco-systems". When I first studied the chakra system I went looking for it in The Bible and recognized it's patterns and themes beautifully represented in the The 7 Spirits of God, The 7 Days of Creation*, The 7 furnishings of The Tabernacle and more.  I recognized its developmental stages played out in the life of Jesus and in the 7  commanded feasts.  Over and over this pattern of 7 is found in us and around us. They layer in us like transparancies to form a larger understandng of ourselves and the world.

*The 7 Days of Creation journey is a good choice for anyone without a biblical background. I tend to partner with Sophia Wisdom for this type of session.

 In person in my home office or online




90 minute session                     $120

Bundle   3- 90 min. session     $300