The Temple Journeys Card Deck

Pauline Wallace's

 A 49 card deck for meditation, affirmation, and restoration connecting the chakras and The Bible.

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As an energy practitioner, holistic nutritional consutant, and fiber artist with a Christian background and love for Jesus I  wanted to create a unique wellness tool to serve those like minded souls looking to re-connect Eastern and Western spirituality. I created the Temple Journeys card deck. My hope is that it will help you fall in love and partner with your beautiful divine design, your temple personal, by connecting you to the healing wisdom of your 7 main energy centers or chakras in tandem with The Bible as you move forward in your journey of love with yourself, God, and others. Each energy  center acts as a spiritual ecosystem and communication hub for body, soul, and spirit helping to bring balance, restoration, and shalom into our lives. The cards make it easy to connect to this incredible internal system designed to move us always toward our highest good.


When I first studied the chakras I went looking for them in the bible and recognized their pattern and themes repeated in the 7 Spirits of God, The 7 Days of Creation, and The  7 furnishings of The Tabernacle, the 7 feasts, and the life of Jesus.  Over and over this pattern of 7 is found in us and around us. The deck contains 7 cards specifically for engaging these biblical templates. You can engage them or not as you feel lead.  The guide booklet mainly elaborates on these biblical 7s.

The deck is organized into 7 suits of 7 cards, one suit for each energy center. Most cards contain several statements to choose from to serve your meditation, affirmation, activation, and healing processes.  The deck can be engaged randomly or systematically.

The 7 main card images came to me from spirit and were created in fabric and digitally fine tuned. They can serve as icons or visual prompts. I've been creating short YouTube videos to explore the images. 

The deck comes with 49 main cards, a guide booklet, and a handmade fabric bag crafted from reclained materials. 




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