What is EFT ?

What is it? Physically, EFT is very simple. It involves tapping with your fingertips on specific points around the head and torso while speaking our emotional truth.  As we do so we work with our body’s design to bring peace and release to stressful emotions, memories, and even physical pain; anything connected to the stress response.  Tapping interrupts the stress response with a calming safety signal, allowing us to think and creatively problem solve around an issue.  We can see things in a new way and move forward.


EFT stands for Emotional Freedom Techniques and it is exactly that. It was originally developed by DR. Roger Callahan in 1978 as TFT, Thought Field Therapy.  Dr. Callahan combined Eastern energy medicine techniques with Western psychological cognitive work for great success. Gary Craig, a student of Dr. Callahan’s, later simplified TFT into the EFT tapping protocol. Today EFT falls under the science of Energy Psychology. Millions of people worldwide have added the self-help technique to their wellness toolset because it is effective and easy to do.

It is thought that up to some 90% of our behavior is run by our subconscious.  Some of this is early programming from childhood that no longer serves us.  This is where much of our inner conflict and self-sabotage comes from.  Tapping exposes subconscious beliefs and patterns connected to specific events and memories for re-examination and re-prioritization. It does this quickly.   Strong emotion is like a map to where limiting beliefs are stored and tapping is a key to opening the door and letting them out into the light.  Once we can calm the stress response around these emotions our creative mind can engage and problem solve around the limiting belief and decide whether it is of value to us anymore or not. There may be several memories connected to a belief and our subconscious will serve them up one by one until they are all processed.  We can literally rewire our brain.


I like to think of tapping as getting a car out of the mud.  We rock it back and forth, back and forth until the car breaks free and can move forward.   The calming signal generated by each tap of the fingers generates the momentum to break free from the grip of the stress state. EFT helps us get unstuck. All that energy we were using spinning our wheels can now work for us.  While unprocessed emotion generates stagnation, exhaustion and dis-ease, processed emotion generates wellness and abundant life.  And it is all at your fingertips.

Triggers are called triggers because they release a load of ammo, or adrenaline into your system.  We are pre-loaded by unresolved events from our past.  With EFT we can see these triggers as gates of opportunity to an entire belief structure that has been waiting for rewiring. Once the old is gone we can make place for the new.  

I love working with EFT because the basic technique is easy to learn and once you have it you can use it for yourself anyplace, anywhere. …well, almost.  EFT is simple enough for children to learn and in a world where 1 out of 4 children is thought to suffer from anxiety this is a good thing.

I can show you the EFT basics in one session.  For more complex issues there can be benefit to working with a practitioner who is trained in several related EFT techniques.    

Several scientific studies now validate EFT’s effectiveness.   It is being used by psychologists, in hospitals, in trauma centers, classrooms, sports.  The EFT Universe website is a great place to review these studies. http://www.eftuniverse.com/research-studies/eft-research.  For my faith based clients you may also appreciate articles about EFT from Mark VIrkler, Charity Virlker Kayembe, Jim Richards, and Sherri Rice –Smith who has authored several books on EFT for Christians.