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A Biblical approach to energy work -   Reiki EFTTuning Forks Guided Temple Journeys

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Welcome. I'm Pauline. My training in EFT, Reiki, tuning forks, essential oils, and holistic nutrition  combined with my background in biblical studies, listening prayer, mysticism, and a fascination with divine design form my own energy balancing modality called Arukah Bioenergetics. Arukah means to repair, restore, and heal in Hebrew.

Entering a state of  true rest, relaxation, and balance is key to all forms of healing. When  the body, soul, and  spirit  feel  safe and at peace they communicate  and cooperate to solve problems, repair and restore. The clearing, shifting, and aligning processes of energy work serves this purpose beautifully.

To move my clients  towards that state of peace I work primarily with the 7 energy centers in partnership with Jesus at the quantum level.  Go to my  ABOUT PAULINE page to learn more about  my work, my story, and my training or click below to see my services.

I now offer Temple Journey Sessions, a form of prophetic energy engaging one of 3 biblical templates of 7 that coordinate with the chakras; The 7 Spirits of God, The 7 Days of Creation, or The 7 Furnishings of The Tabernacle.   

Sessions are held in my SE Calgary home or online upon request.


A 49  card wellness deck to support your meditation, affirmation, and activation practices based on the chakras approached from a biblical perspective. For sale on ETSY.

Introducing my
Temple Journeys
Card Deck.


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